Zuud is a male Half-Orc fighter. He is a cultist of Vecna and was a temporary ally of the Party. He is just over 50 years old.


According to his journal, Zuud Jak'Horya Sirro-Laus was once a citizen of the kingdom of Ros. He some time later joined the Cult of Vecna, joining as one of their fighters. After he went on a failed expedition to Apacha to find Nerull's Scythe, he was told to go assassinate an Agent of the Murder. Zuud tracked the man a

Zuud Jak'Horya Sirro-Laus

nd killed him, who was also a half-orc. After he met with the Party, he had them do several tasks, making them unknowingly assist the Cult of Vecna. After they failed to retrieve the Black Box, Zuud turned on them, killing Ignus while the others had left to speak. He fled, doing several more high-profile missions for the Cult of Vecna. He was one of the assassins sent to kill Hannibal, but failed when Hannibal showed up with more than 1,000 guards.


  • Zuud is called Mr. Silver by Ignus and was called Jak early on in the campaign (Jak is the first half of his middle name).
  • Zuud was the first enemy to kill a member of the Party, he killed Ignus while the rest of the Party was having a more private discussion.