The only surviving picture of Undloyd.


Undloyd Wave-Breaker is a Dwarf Fighter and cousin to the infamous Lonir Iron-Tooth. He was famous for leading the disasterous Second Uprising of Wallachia.


Undloyd Wave-Breaker was around 19 at the time of the death of his cousin, Lonir Iron-Tooth. Undloyd swore revenge and trained continously until around the age of 69, when he raised a rebel army to fight Drokir Steel-Gale, who now was around age 68. The first battle was a disaster, as the far superior trained Bodyguards easily defeated the ambushing rebels. Undloyd escaped, however, and fled into the forests. When Drokir and the Behemoths stormed Castle Wave-Breaker, a large explosion erupted, killing thousands of innocent civilians, rebels, and Behemoths. Drokir was unharmed, and the body of Undloyd was never found. Many people believe he was killed in the blast and that his body was destroyed in the explosion.

Undloyd met Tor when he was disguised as Drokir. Undloyd, a revived Lonir, and a Cultist of Vecna, attempted to kill Tor, but ultimately failed and was killed.