Tylia Sylnius was the wife of Rannon Sylnius II. She was killed fighting Vecna.



Tylia Sylnius

Tylia was born in Karana, Eloga to nobility. She didn't like the boring life of a noble though, and went out into the world for adventures at age 18. When she was 26, she was attacked by several Cultists of Vecna while exploring an old cave. Before they could do any harm, Rannon showed up and helped Tylia defeat the cultists. The two fell for each other and were married four months later. Tylia joined the Murder at age 28, helping Rannon track down Cultists of Vecna and killing them.

Tylia met the Party the same time Rannon did. She had little to no interaction

with them. She provided help in keeping the Party alive by fighting Vecna to keep him away, but died doing so. She was 34 when she died.