The Swords of Revealing Light are a pair of Scimitars created to destroy Vecna by Dahlil Muhai. The swords were only seen once in battle, used by one of Dahlil's generals to see if they worked properly. The swords radiate radiant energy to the point where the blades are almost made of pure radiant energy. Each scimitar looks alike.


9E DancingScimitarFinal

The Left Scimitar of Revealing Light.

After Dahlil was killed, his swords were buried with him. When the Party realized these swords could kill Vecna and help Tor survive the eye, they ventured into the desert of Desune to find the tomb. When they entered, they found Dahlil, undead but possesed, and battled him. After a hard fought battle, Dahlil accended into the afterlife for good and the Scimitars were taken back to the Guild of Magic, where Tor was cured and the Eye and Hand of Vecna were destroyed.