• Kor Steel-Gale (Robert Macial)
  • Tor Steel-Gale (Chris Martinek)
  • Ignus/Iggy (Spencer Hubbard)
  • Garrett (Garrett Macial)
  • Ray (Hector Martinez)
  • Lali Amazona II (NPC, Occasional)

Former MembersEdit

Party AlliesEdit

  • Ivan Hastings IV (King of Cartage)
  • Anya Amazona II (Queen of Amazolla)
  • Drokir Steel-Gale (King of Wallachia)
  • The Gambler (Professional Gambler, Information Trader)
  • Undgrot Brusonor (King of Norma-Scottia, Captain of the N.S.S. Dragon Wing

Former AlliesEdit

  • Zuud Jak'Horya Sirro-Laus (Betrayal)
  • Rannon Sylnius II (Killed)
  • Tylia Sylnius (Killed)

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