The Gambler is a human male rogue. He is 32 and resides on one of the Amazon Islands.


Not much is known about the Gambler. He is famous throughout Nisia and several eastern parts of Megalo. He is well known for playing cards, but is very good at dice games too. The Gambler is also known to be honest and is said to be able to spot a cheater on sight. It is also well known that the Gambler kills anyone who tries to cheat him or harm him due to his large amounts of winnings.

The Gambler met the Party as they were searching for the Black Box. The Gambler said he knew where the fort that held the box is, but they had to gamble for the information.


  • The Gambler prefers Black Jack and Poker.
  • He keeps a hand crossbow nearby to deal with cheaters and sore losers.