Shadow is a humanoid who was developed by the Cult of Vecna to destroy the Party.


Shadow was created by the Cult of Vecna, who used dark magic to create a creature that could take on the Party and destroy them. The Cult mixed the blood of many species together and preformed a dark, forbidden ritual to creatre a creature out of the mix. Shadow was the product of this creation. To test his powers, the Cult of Vecna had Shadow fight 20 of their cultists. Shadow killed all 20 in less than thirty seconds.


Shadow has many powers granted by his mixed blood. These attributes granted to him are:

  • Darkvision from Drow blood
  • Increased strength from Dragonborn blood
  • Increased intelligence from Genasi blood
  • Increased dexterity and stealth from Elven blood
  • Increased diplomatic and leadership skills from Half-Elf blood
  • Shape-shifting capabilities from Chageling blood
  • Angressive nature from Minotaur blood
  • Increased endurance and constitution from Goliath blood
  • Heightened senses from Shifter blood