Lonir Iron-Tooth is a Dwarf Warlord. He is famous for being the leader of the First Wallachian Uprising.


Lonir Iron-Tooth was around the age of 52 when Drokir Steel-Gale was crowned king at age 18. Lonir, who was to become king should their be no male hier to the Steel-Gale clan, was angered at the cho
Warrior dwarf deux by boblea-d33sw2b

Portrait of Lonir Iron-Tooth painted by Swamp Dwellers minutes before his assassination.

ice to put such a young dwarf on the throne instead of allowing Lonir a temporary place on the throne. In response, Lonir amassed several rebels, many of them nobles, to go against Drokir and the Steel-Gale clan. Drokir was not alone however, as many people sided with him, especially the Swamp Dwellers. Lonir and his army, simply called the Rebels, fought the Royalists who sided with Drokir. The uprising was a failure, and Lonir escaped, presumably into the swamps. A few years after the last battle of the First Wallachian Uprising, a group of Swamp Dwellers brought the body of Lonir Iron-Tooth to castle Steel-Gale, confirming his death.

Lonir was eventually revived by his cousin, Undloyd Wave-Breaker, and a Cultist of Vecna. The three attacked a disguised Tor Steel-Gale and Kor Steel-Gale, but was killed doing so.