1. Hrafn- Head of the Murder, possible King of Minova
  2. Prosopos- Comanche Leader
  3. Choros- Apache Leader
  4. Drokir Steel-Gale- King of Wallachia
  5. Joan D'Arc- Queen of Maga, Head of the Guild of Magic
  6. Hannibal- Commanding General of Mundux
  7. Ivan Hastings IV- King of Cartage
  8. Anya Amazona II- Queen of Amazolla
  9. Vladmir Tepes- King of Angland (Praise Vecna, mission canclled)
  10. Kor Steel-Gale- Idiot
  11. Tor Steel-Gale- Idiot
  12. Ignus "Iggy"- Idiot
  13. Garrett- Idiot
  14. Ray- Idiot