Judging from her appearance, Lali II was a human female before her death. She looks to have been 29 at the time of her death. She has red hair.


Lali Amazona II the Blood-Washed was a Queen of the Amazons. She became queen at age 19, after her mother died of a hemmorage. After the Amazon Islands went to war with Scottia, Lali Amazona took up arms at age 22. During the course of the war, she earned the name Blood-Washed due to her preference to close combat and almost immidiate execution of prisoners of war. Contrary to popular belief, she never acutally bathed in the blood of her fallen enemies.

Death and rumors of Cult ActivitiesEdit

After the completion of a new fort, an army of 7,000 Scotts marched towards the fort. Lali led her 4,000 Amazons into battle. Despite a narrow victory, Lali fell in battle after a Scott spear pierced her stomach. Not long after the battle, her remaining Amazons found several items and symbols related to Orcus and Vecna in her room. This led many to believe she bartered for immortality in the form of a ghost or a lich. After the Amazons lost the war four years later, a statue was erected in her memory. Her tomb was put underground, with the path hidden under the statue.

Battle with the PartyEdit

Lali first encountered the Party in her undead form. After a fight with them, during which she used Spider Tactics and Assassin Tactics against them. After realising they were beat, Ignus attempted to speak with Lali, though a poor choice of words caused him to be knocked out. After Tor tried, however, Lali lightened up and sent the Party after the note Tor and Kor gave Zuud.

Near-Death and RebirthEdit

After the Party left, Zuud later entered Lali's tomb. The battle was short, and Zuud drove his sword through Lali's stomach (same place the spear that killed her was driven). Zuud took the Black Box and left, leaving Lali to die. The Party soon arived and revived her, though now she was againt mortal, no longer undead. She then began travelling with them, helping them with several of their quests, including the identity of the potential assassin of Drokir Steel-Gale.
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Lali Amazona II Blood-Washed


  • Lali II is based off of Vlad the Impaler, not Elizabeth Bathory, who led his soldiers from the front and died in battle doing it. Her legend of immortality and rebirth as an undead creauture are based off of Vlad the Impaler's fictional counter-part Dracula.