Ivan Hastings IV is the king of Cartage. He is a Human Warlord. He is 26 years old.


Ivan IV came to the throne at age 18 after the death of his father, Nicholas Hastings III. Cartage, at

Ivan Hastings IV

the time, was about to declare war against Ros, due to very high tension at the time. Ivan, however, believed there was a bloodless way to settle matters. He ceased the building of new structures, excluding healing temples and schools, and began pouring much of Cartage's money into the army, increasing it's size by over 300% and began using lightweight elven armor. He sent a diplomat to Ros to discuss several matters the two kingdoms were concerned with, sending the entire army, which numbered at 450,000, to acompany him. After seeing the sheer size of the Cartagan Army, Ros accepted talks with Cartage, and reached an agreement of a non-agression treaty, though tensions were still heavy. After the soldiers returned, Ivan began a mass purge of all bandits and evil cultists in Cartage. All money found in Bandit Camps and Cult Hideaways were sent to the kingdom's treasury, keeping the economy very good. Eventually, almost all crime had stopped in Cartage. The army size was reduced, and Cartage enjoyed prosperity. Ivan made himself a legend by age 25. Six months later, he was called to assist the Amazons against the Normans.

Ivan met with the Party when they met up with him at the outskirts of Normandy, during a Siege. After drawing up several tactics, he sent the Party to the west side of the city to breach the walls. Ivan, Amazon queen Anya Amazona, and Lali Blood-Washed led the charge at the city gates. Outside the castle Ivan led his troops in a formation specifically designed to stop spears from breaching the wall. After all the defenders had been dealt with, including the Norman King Yurosev, peace talks began with Ivan, Anya, and Hyrus Torinfal.

Some time later, Ivan was discovered to be a target of assassination for the Cult of Vecna. Ivan killed one of his assassins, and Anya Amazona killed the other.