Elven Bane was a special type of poison created by the Mallish army in the weeks before the Second War of Megalo. It was created to counter the largely Elven dominated army of Minova. The poison was relatively slow acting and caused great pain. The poison was banned after the war, and all supplies were buried in a lost location.


Elven Bane actually works on all creatures that are of Fey Origin. Any of these creatures experience pain in the abdomen and throat. After a minute, they procede to vomit blood and quickly go into comatose. If the poison isn't treated quickly, the creature would die in two minutes.


  • 2 White Weed Leaves
  • 1 Black Willow root
  • 1 teaspoon of Moondust
  • 1 vial of dirty river water

To create this poison, the White Weed leaves are ground up with the Black Willow root. After that, it is mixed with the Moondust. During the mixing, the dirty river water is added. After stirring to the point of most of the dry mix gone, the poison is complete and stored in a vial. If the vial of dirty river water is at all heated, the poison may not be potent.


Fey creatures are usually given a healing potion or treated by a healer, as the poison quickly leaves their system.