Drokir Steel-Gale is a 173 year old male Dwarf Warlord. He is the leader of the Steel-Gale clan of Wallachia.


Drokir Steel-Gale became the king of Wallachia at age 18, which is very young for dwarves. Many of the nobles resented this, none more than Baron Lonir Iron-Tooth. The Baron, along with several other nobles, rose up in what became known as the Wallachian Uprising. Drokir, however, proved to be no fool, having his top generals

Char dwarf king

Drokir Steel-Gale. Portrayed age 150.

make most of the decisions for him. The uprisings lasted nine more years, ending with a victory for Drokir. Then, fifty years later, another uprising began, this time under Lonir Iron-Tooth's cousin, Undloyd Wave-Breaker. Drokir led his armies from the front, and quelled the uprisings in just three years. He then ran the kingdom fairly, creating equal rights for the dwarves in the mountains and the other races in the swamps of Wallachia.

Drokir is first encountered by the Party when they approach him, claiming Tor and Kor were Steel-Gale clansmen. He sends them on a quest to retrieve 2 gems from the first mine owned by the Steel-Gale Clan. He accepted them into his clan after they returned. After learning that Drokir was a target for the Cult's assassination, the Party returned to Wallachia to protect him. Drokir managed to escape when the castle was destroyed by Vecna.