The only surviving Portrait of Dahlil Muhai.


Dahlil Muhai was a prince of Desune. He was famous for his March to the Sea.


Dahlil Muhai was a Desunian Prince. His exact birthdate is unknown, but it's belived to be about 40 years after the Second War of Megalo. Dahlil began active military service at age 16 after his brothers and uncle were assassinated by Cultists of Vecna. After leading small bands of soldiers in attacks against the Cult of Vecna, Dahlil was asked by his father to deal with a mercenary group that had men from northern Desune all the way to the Cartagan Sea. Dahlil completed his mission, riding from Desune to the sea in what became known as the March to the Sea. Upon his return to Desune, Dahlil was killed when an assassin shot him from a bridge, piercing his heart. Dahlil was burried within his tomb, along with his most prized valuables and, when they died, his wife and three children.

The Swords of Revealing LightEdit

Dahlil was known to hate Vecna because of the cultists who killed his uncle and two of his three brothers. During his life, Dahlil spent many years developing a pair of scimitars that would be able to do three things: Destroy the Hand of Vecna, destroy the Eye of Vecna, and kill Vecna without having to destroy his phylactery. The swords were never used, or even seen by anyone. They were burried with Dahlil when he died. These swords were later found by the Party.